Solo Travel Sydney: Complete Travel Guide For The Solo Traveller

Solo Travel Sydney - a Guide From ADGE

The Secrets To Sydney Solo Travel In Sydney That Even Locals Would Be Proud Of

If you love solo travel Sydney is the place for you, as a lively city with so much to offer those travelling alone. Australia’s largest city is filled with varied attractions and experiences. From well-known landmarks to hidden treasures you’ll find what you’re looking for as a solo traveller in one of the most beautiful harbourside cities in the world.

Whether you crave cultural experiences, enjoy great food, or just want to experience new things, Sydney is perfect. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to travel alone and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Sydney is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a diverse range of attractions that are well-suited to solo adventurers.
  • The city boasts iconic landmarks that are sure to captivate any solo adventurer, and provide amazing backdrops for stunning pictures.
  • Sydney offers opportunities for cultural immersion, culinary exploration, and the freedom to explore at your own pace for those who prefer a slower pace.
  • The city is made for an unforgettable solo travel experience as it is a modern, safe, and clean city with good transport networks.
  • Sydney is a popular destination for solo tourists on a budget too, offering a range of activities and experiences to suit various interests, without breaking the bank.
  • For even more travel ideas, the NSW official tourist site shows heaps of activities and things to do in Sydney for every solo adventurer.

Embrace the Freedom of Solo Travel in Sydney

There are lots of reasons a solo holiday may suit your needs, whether you are single, in search of some solitude, or simply need some quality “me” time away from all of life’s pressures and responsibilities. Whether you just want to take a break and recharge, or pack your itinerary with heart-racing experiences, Sydney has something for everyone.

It is a place where you can explore freely – the busy streets, delicious food, or iconic sights. Uncover Sydney’s hidden gems on a solo adventure tailored to your interests. Explore like a local with insider tips from trusted Sydney Solo Travel guides.

Start with the Right Accommodation

Being a solo tourist in Sydney means you set your own pace and find your own rhythm. You have the freedom to dive into the local culture and see hidden spots. You can craft an itinerary that fits what you love, but you’ll also want to make sure you get your accommodation right. You’ll want somewhere that’s central, that also allows you to relax in style and comfort after a day of exploring. At the ADGE Boutique Hotel, let us make your solo trip be everything that you imagined and more, with our comfortable, curated, fully serviced rooms. Click here to learn more about our award-winning accommodation and outstanding customer delight.

Ideas for Exploring Australia’s Most Vibrant City

As a solo discoverer you get to decide the itinerary, pace and budget of your holiday. Make new friends, try a new skill or experience new things that you can’t do anywhere else, like climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You can walk along busy streets and find cute cafes, stylish shops, and fun markets. We’d recommend Surry Hills for some of the best cafes in Sydney, and Glebe Markets for markets. Or try out exquisite dining at Cafe Sydney in Circular Quay, which has stunning views over the harbour.

Or jump on the tramline and make your way to Cockle Bay Wharf at Darling Harbour where you can see what’s on at the new IMAX, or visit the Maritime Museum before exploring the along the Wharf.

Discover food like you’ve never had before at the Kingsleys, China Doll and Manta restaurants in Woolloomooloo, just a stone’s throw from the city. This area is commonly known as ‘the finger wharf’.

Discover Hidden Gems at Your Own Pace

One of the best things about solo travel in Sydney is finding its secret spots that are outside of the CBD. You can visit quiet galleries in Darlinghurst, special bookstores on Newtown, or beautiful waterfronts like Watson’s Bay. Take your time without needing to rush. Each part of greater metropolitan Sydney is a chance to see something unique.

If you want to stay right near the beating heart of the city, travel by tram to the Rocks and have a pint in Sydney’s oldest pub called ‘The Fortune Of War’. This public house was built in 1828, and you can feel the history of thousands of previous patrons as they supped a cool pint in the blistering sun! Create a special and personal trip for yourself.

Sydney’s Iconic Attractions for the Solo Traveller

Being alone in Sydney is a unique chance to discover its famous spots. Start by gazing at the Sydney Opera House, known worldwide for its beauty. This UNESCO World Heritage site has to be seen up close to be fully appreciated. Book into a workshop there at the Centre For Creativity. Listen to Greig or Mendelssohn in the Concert Hall, or see a play at the Joan Sutherland Theatre.

This venue hosts a range of musical and performing arts events with the best homegrown and international talent. Whether it’s classical culture you’re after, or an eclectic modern blend of genres and styles, Sydney Opera House has it all.

Marvel at the Sydney Opera House’s Architectural Splendour

The Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece of modern design. Designed by a famous architect from Denmark, Jørn Utzon. It’s a modern building of 3 inter-constructed shells. These shells house two performance areas and an eatery, with terraces on all sides of the main building.

Its world-renowned ‘sails’ are a reference to the city and country’s contemporary roots. Take your time and explore all its parts. You can visit the halls and restaurants and soak up the culture here.

Capture Breathtaking Views and Snaps at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Don’t miss the views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you climb it on foot, stop to admire the city. You’ll see the Opera House and the stunning harbour, creating memories to cherish. 

While you are there, take the opportunity to do at least one type of harbour boat tour. Our favourite is to take a Sydney Harbour cruise from Campbells Cove Circular Quay West. Whichever one you choose, be sure to check off these landmarks on your journey:

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Fort Denison
  • Sydney Harbour National Park
  • Kirribilli House
  • Double Bay & Rose Bay
  • Shark Island
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Garden Island Naval Base
  • Camp Cove
  • Point Piper Waterfront Mansions

Or for some extra magic, take a twilight cruise to see these wonderful places lit up beautifully.

Indulge in Sydney’s Culinary Delights

In Sydney, those journeying solo can enjoy a wide range of food. The city offers everything, from simple meal places to elegant restaurants. For the ultimate in great food and an unforgettable view of Sydney, head to Australia Square’s O Bar & Dining. Enjoy dinner on the top floor of the building in this completely revolving restaurant. See the best views of the city, whilst relaxing and enjoying your favoured tipple. Their Brandy Alexander is a must-try!

Savour the Flavours at Café Sydney

Café Sydney is a must-visit, offering tasty food and stunning views. It stands high above Sydney with breathtaking views of the harbour. Here, you can lose yourself in the tantalising flavours provided by top chefs preparing contemporary Australian dishes.

Whilst taking in vistas of The Harbour Bridge, Customs House and The Opera House. All from the great views afforded by its rooftop location.

Dine Like Royalty at Kingsley’s Steakhouse

Kingsley’s Gastro Pub is perfect for those wanting a local experience. It’s loved by Sydney’s residents for its great pub food and drinks. With its friendly atmosphere, it’s an ideal spot for solo tourists to mingle with the locals.

Kingsley’s is ideally located on the waterfront, serving some of the best steaks and seafood in Sydney. They also have special events, like a celebration of the King’s Birthday, 8-10th June.

Explore Sydney’s Cultural Treasures

Sydney’s cultural gems invite solo adventurers to dive into the city’s deep history and creative scene. At the Art Gallery of Sydney, you can explore a wide range of Australian and world art. Why not revel in the works of Alphonse Mucha in his exhibition titled ‘The Spirit Of Art Nouveau’ from 15th June 2024?

Not only has this venue an impressive display of all media and globally renowned art work. But to help you get more out of your trip, the curators have devised a digital assistant called ‘Dora’. It is a complimentary guide for you to access on mobile devices and using earbuds. 

The listener hears interesting guides to particular artists and their lives, inspirations and meaning behind their works. Dora Ohlfsen was the inspiration behind ‘Dora’, bringing an understanding of art to everyone. 

The Art Gallery of Sydney is filled with diverse artworks, showcasing Australia and the world’s creative minds. Whether it’s an art exhibition, a cinematic production, music, a lecture, a talk or a presentation. You’re sure to find many things to feed your curiosity and test your intellectual prowess, too.

Walking through its halls alone lets you absorb the beauty in your own time. You might prefer the old masters or modern, boundary-pushing art. Either way, this gallery is a true cultural feast.

Uncover Australia’s Past at the Australian Museum

Sink into Australia’s rich history at the Australian Museum. It’s a gold mine of artefacts and exhibits that share the continent’s varied histories. From Indigenous peoples to the land’s geological wonders, it offers a deep dive into Australia’s journey. Take time to explore each gallery and connect with the stories that have made Australia what it is today.

You can also learn more about the past from all over the world: from pharaohs to fossils, and aboriginal art to allosauruses, you can see them all at the Australian Museum. With World history and artefacts on display whilst proudly showcasing First Nations people and their astounding cultural legacy. These places are perfect for solo adventurers to broaden their knowledge of Sydney’s past and creative spirit. Be it visual arts or historical tales, Sydney’s cultural sites will enrich your travel memories.

Solo Travel Sydney: Discover the City by Water

As a lone explorer in Sydney, you can see the city from a fresh angle – the water. Hop on a water taxi to ‘The Island’. The only bar and beach club venue that is floating on open water!

Take in the most exceptional sunset vistas of the city’s most famous buildings. Whilst sipping a cocktail and chilling out to melodies played by some of the city’s top DJs. 

This venue bar boasts events, great food and music that even has its own sea pool. Bar snacks are served too and this is a great way to unwind and meet new people too.

Take a Harbour Boat Tour for Unparalleled Views

These tours offer a unique way to see Sydney for those journeying solo. Take the ferry to Manly’ Q’ Station. Which was the place where new arrivals to Australia entered quarantine to eliminate new diseases being introduced. This location is incredibly important and has huge historical significance, too. 

You can just imagine the fear and trepidation these new arrivals must have felt. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can take part in one of the organised ghost tours. As Q Station North Head is reputedly one of the spookiest places in NSW! Paranormal investigations, ghost tracking, and investigating disease and burial sites, to name just a few tours here.

Fortunately, there is plenty to see and do on this island. History and wildlife tours, Kayaking, diving, snorkelling and self guided tours. Q Station is well worth a trip. A great excursion awaits modern visitors to Q Station.

Ferry to Balmain for a Charming Waterside Experience

To make it more personal, take a ferry to Balmain. With a mix of working-class roots and a metropolitan modern feel, you can visit any number of exciting places. Catch up on some retail therapy at the boutiques along Darling Street. Maybe Rozelle Collectors Market may be more your thing, with fresh farm produce, market and antique stalls.

Visit the oldest pool in Australia, built in the 1880s’ called the Dawn Fraser Baths. Which is a saline pool that flows in and out with the tide. It’s a beautiful spot with a lovely golden beach underfoot. Or travel to Goat Island and see some of the history early settlers and First Nations People. Including the story of James Morrill, who went to live among the Aboriginal people who rescued him.

Be compelled by the stories of those convicts who were moved on from Goat Island only to be forced into more hard labour on Cockatoo Island. None more moving than the rediscovered history of one such man called Charles’ Bony’ Anderson; click here to hear his story.

Or simply take a break at one of the many cafes by the water and enjoy this quieter part of the city.

Embrace Sydney’s Nightlife as a Solo Traveller

Sydney’s nightlife is buzzing for those who journey unencumbered by others.  It’s full of exciting experiences, whether you love a lively vibe or prefer things more refined. Take a stroll to any one of Sydney’s finest theatres, like the Genesian. Take in the buzzing theatre experience in ‘Let’s Kill Agatha Christie’, which runs until 8th June. Thespian delights all set in a beautiful 156-year-old building. With leaded windows and authentic wooden doors. Let the surroundings transport you to a distant place of cloak-and-dagger mystery!

Or leave the intimacy of the Genesian and travel to the Art House and take in a musical, a concert, watch a comedy performance, attend a creative workshop or watch a play.  And if you are still thirsty for culture, try the  Sydney Lyric Theatre. 

Australian-owned and operated, this recently re-modernised auditorium opened its doors 27 years ago. Well-loved performances such as Saturday Night Fever, Annie and MJ The Musical have all been performed here.

A stunning blend of interior design, lighting and fascinating colour sets it apart. This space seats up to 2000 people. We recommend solo visitors look into the deluxe package. So feast on handmade chocolates and champagne during the performance. 

Try Your Luck at Star or Crown Casinos

We by no means promote or endorse gambling, but if you prefer a high-energy atmosphere, check out Star or Crown Casinos, which feature gaming, haute cuisine and entertainment as well. Unwind and recharge at the Crowns’ Spa, or be awestruck by the panoramic views available on the Sky Deck. For patrons with a more generous budget, these venues offer a thrilling and opulent evening.

Immerse Yourself in Sydney’s Unique Experiences

In Sydney, unique adventures await solo explorers. From a visit to Mrs Macquaries Chair, taking in the breathtaking architecture at Saint Mary’s Cathedral, to visiting the Justice & Police Museum. There are so many things to see and enjoy if you are travelling by yourself in Sydney.

Many of our guests travelling alone have raved about the natural beauty of Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. Apart from the acres of flora, fauna and fascinating arboretum, there are a number of wonderful open-air events. From 21st November the Moonlight cinema offers an amazing opportunity to see a film on a huge screen, rising dramatically from the water!

Soar Over the Harbour in a Seaplane

Take off in a seaplane for a view like no other. Depart from either Rose Bay or Palm Beach. Capture a majestic overhead view of Sydney Harbour, both Palm and Northern Beaches, Hawkesbury River and the Central Coast. You might capture a glimpse of the migration of whales or even the odd dolphin. It’s an unforgettable way to see the city.

Uncover The Real ‘Spirits’ Of Sydney If You Dare…

Depending on which route you choose to explore, you may come across Cadmans Cottage, the oldest home in Australia. The building, located in the Rocks district, dates back to 1816 and is said to be haunted. It is rumoured the footsteps of its ancient owner, John Cadman, still patrol the corridors at night. 

The story of eerie happenings doesn’t end there. On a warm November day in 1844, a gentleman struggled to carry a weighty chest to the jetty next to the cottage. Unbeknownst to locals, this foul-smelling chest contained his missing boss, Thomas Warne. The French national Jean Videll was promptly arrested and weeks later hung for murder.

The Rocks area has been well known over the years for grisly and ghostly goings-on. You may also visit on this ghost tour the Greenway Hotel, Reynolds Cottage, Nurses Walk, or Observatory Hill for an evening of scary tales and ghostly apparitions.

Shop Until You Drop In Sydneys’ Iconic Shopping Destinations

Sydney is a shopper’s heaven for those exploring alone. For a uniquely Aussie shopping experience, spend a couple of hours at David Jones in Sydney Or Myers. They cater for every taste and budget. You can get lost in these and plenty of other bustling shopping spaces and learn about the city’s cosmopolitan fashion culture. 

Explore the Splendid Queen Victoria Building

Step inside the Queen Victoria Building, originally opened in 1898. It’s a gorgeous shopping spot from the 19th century. It shows off a stunning Romanesque design of architecture. George McRae was the architect of this beautiful building, created in honour of the Monarchs’ diamond jubilee. Here, you can shop for top brands, from Jimmy Choo shoes to Kate Spade handbags. Be entranced by the swooping ceilings and filigree balconies. Inside this Romanesque-style building.

Indulge in Designer Brands While Admiring the Architecture. For lovers of fashion, Sydney’s top shopping spots are a dream come true. You can enjoy both the latest styles and the city’s heritage. There’s the Queen Victoria Building full of luxury. And then there are the more modern shopping areas packed with designer and popular brands. It’s a great way to experience the city’s shopping scene and its beautiful buildings.

Relax and Rejuvenate in Sydneys’ Luxurious Spa: The Langham

After a day of exploring Sydney, it’s time to unwind. Solo explorers will find peace and luxury in the city’s top spas. The Langham Spa, located in Millers Point, stands out as a great choice. It provides various treatments and amenities to help you recharge and rejuvenate.

At the Langham’s spa, you can enjoy relaxing massages and other spa treatments. You can also take a swim in the warm blue waters of the 20-meter heated pool. The glittering stars in the midnight sky on the ceiling elegantly contrast with Grecian Doric-style columns. Then take a dip in the oversized warm jacuzzi. 

Follow this with a meal in their Michelin-star restaurant, or simply soak up the peaceful atmosphere. These spa activities are perfect for individuals looking to spoil themselves. They can make your visit to Sydney even more special.


There are so many ‘must see’ experiences in Sydney you will need to return for another holiday!

Sydney is a top pick for solo explorers. It’s packed with things that suit everyone’s taste. You can see famous places, try new things, and eat great food. This lively city is ideal for a solo trip. You can discover things at your own speed, learn about local life, or enjoy luxury.

Discovering Sydney is a chance to make memories. You can marvel at the Opera House and see stunning views from the Harbour Bridge. Your journey in Sydney will be full of unique moments. Enjoy its food and art. Have adventures that match your spirit.

Sydney is perfect, whether you’ve travelled alone before or not. It will thrill and inspire you. Enjoy the freedom and rich experiences of this exciting city. Let your solo trip to Sydney be the beginning of amazing adventures.


What are the top attractions for solo visitors to Sydney?

Sydney attractions for solo visitors abound. Whether it’s your first solo trip, there are hundreds of attractions in Sydney. They include the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. You’ll love the Royal Botanic Garden too. For a deep dive into culture, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Australian Museum.

How can solo visitors get around Sydney?

Get to Sydney and the public transport system is top-notch, with ferries, trains, and buses. It’s easy for solo explorers to move around. You can also rent a bike or use ride-sharing. Walking allows you to find hidden spots and enjoy the lively feel of the city.

What are some of the best places for solo dining in Sydney?

If you’re travelling solo to Sydney, you’re spoiled for choice. Its famous ‘Café Sydney’ for example offers amazing harbour views, whilst enjoying a coffee. Kingsley’s Steakhouse provides more than a taste of local flavour in their cuisine. While Darling Harbour has plenty of waterfront eateries to challenge your palate. At ADGE we don’t only provide premium Sydney accommodation, but we happily offer tips for visiting Sydney solo and are always on hand to assist.

Is Sydney safe for female solo visitors?

Yes, Sydney was voted the 4th safest city to visit in 2024 by ‘Time Out’ magazine. It is a safe city for solo female as well as male visitors. Public transport is reliable too across the Sydney city network. It’s connected well and has an active nightlife. There are so many sights in Sydney to see. Travel and adventure await.

Return after a hard day exploring and put your feet up with a large glass of something delectable. In our sumptuous and hospitable hotel. Choose ADGE as one of the best boutique hotels in Sydney to make your trip truly memorable.

What are some unique experiences solo tourists can have in Sydney?

We can tell you the best things to do alone. Sydney is a great destination, not just the opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We offer a guide to the best and biggest city in Australia. Where its easy to meet other travellers if you would like. For unique solo experiences, consider a seaplane flight over the harbour. You might also like the spooky ‘Q’ Station or the spa at Langham Hotel.

How can solo adventurers meet other people in Sydney?

Making friends in Sydney is easy for solo adventurers. Join walking tours and social activities during your stay, or hit the night scene. You’ll meet fellow tourists and friendly locals out and about.

What are the best accommodation options for solo visitors to Sydney?

Sydney provides the centre stage for your awesome solo holiday in Sydney, but ADGE Boutique Hotel provides the most welcome and stylish backdrop. From organising trips and transport for you to preparing gourmet meals for you upon return after a long day of adventuring in the city, we can make your stay extra special.

Guests return to us again and again as our facilities are great for solo travellers. ADGE Boutique Hotels assists in any way possible to make your solo trip to Sydney City unforgettable. Award-winning opulence, coupled with a devotion to our guests, we ensure you get to make the very most of your precious time in Sydney. Fall in love With Sydney and let Sydney fall in love with you!