Raita Noda Chefs Kitchen

Shop1, 222 Riley St. Surry Hills NSW 2010

Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen was established in 2014, introducing the first authentic OMAKASE cuisine in Australia to present the unparalleled culture of Japanese culinary to global gastronomy. The unique open kitchen set-up will let you have a dinner in the live presence.

Changing daily, our menu is committed to sourcing the finest ingredients and seasonal produce of the day to ensure guests a memorable culinary adventure. We are proud to offer a myriad of gastronomic choices to satisfy every palette.



OMAKASE cuisine has grown in Australia with the misinterpreted meaning of “Leave the menu to the chefs”. This definition spread across the country with the meaning of chef deciding the tasting menu.
The culture of OMAKASE cuisine welcomes diner with the individually originated menu according to the climate and weather of the day, enhanced by seasonal produce promised with chef’s expertise flexibility with no written plot. There are many false rumors causing misunderstanding between outlined menu and adjusted tasting menu.

Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen’s order is a journey to purify the true Art of OMAKASE “consisting of dishes selected by the chef”. Respecting the honorable Japanese culinary’s history, promising diners to provide the creation according to the climate with the seasonal blessings. Dinner in live presence, resembles ad-lib stage act or a live jazz session with a wild and dynamic performance. We will escort you to the memorable culinary adventure.

Beyond the commitment of Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen, we will present the respect to the historical style of Kaiseki and Kappo. Chef Raita Noda will perform the legacy of exquisite technique adhering to our distinctive philosophy of Japanese traditions meeting the modern world embracing Australia’s native produce in the cinematic environment generating dynamic atmosphere with energy.