As two of Australia's biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne have always been pitted against each other. Both have an amazing arts and culture scene, endless food and shopping precincts, and a heap of sights to see and things to do.

If you've only got time to visit one of these two fantastic cities this year, we think that Sydney might just come out on top. Keep reading to find out why! 

Sydney has better weather

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When most people think of Australian weather, they think of sunshine and long, lazy days. So if you're looking for sunshine year-round, whatever the month you're visiting, you’re sure to make the most of the Australian sunshine in Sydney! 

Known for its warm, temperate climate and refreshing sea breezes, Sydney has sunshine all year round - even in Australia's winter months.

Epic bars and Cafes

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Whether you're looking for that perfect cappuccino after a morning jog on the beach, or a glass of wine to round off a busy day of sightseeing, Sydney's got you covered. The area is dotted with hatted restaurants and cafes to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

Nowhere else in Australia will you find such an eclectic, vibrant, and quality cafe and bar scene!

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Here are some of our favourites:

  • Surry Hills - Surry Hills has some of the best coffee shops that Australia has to offer. Check out great cafes such as the quirky Cuckoo Callay, and the infinitely trendy Meet Mica

  • Marrickville - For a retro touch, visit Matinee, where they serve up custom-blend coffee and beer if you fancy it. 

  • Sydney - If you're looking for that perfect cocktail or specialty wine, you'll find it in Sydney. For a vintage feel, visit Palmer and Co and jump back in time to the Prohibition. And don't forget to hit up PS40 for those incredible, experimental cocktails you won't find anywhere else. 

Amazing Sightseeing

Adge Hotel Toranga Zoo

The incredible Sydney Opera House is the landmark that most often comes to mind when people think of Australia, and for good reason- it's an icon. But the Sydney Opera House isn't the only stunning, must-see location.

  • Sydney Tower - Sydney Tower boasts some of the best views you'll find in any capital city anywhere.

  • St Mary's Cathedral - This is one of the oldest churches in Australia, and it's well worth a visit.

  • Taronga Zoo - Taronga Zoo is one of Australia's best-loved zoos, and it's an incredible day out for everyone- from families to couples.

Whatever you're looking for, Sydney has something for everyone to enjoy.

Endless Shopping Options

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When it comes to the variety of shops and shopping locales on offer, Sydney comes out on top. From iconic buildings to bustling street markets, Sydney is sure to satisfy even the most discerning shopper. 

  • Rocks Market - If you're looking for a unique gift for that special someone, Rocks Market offers a dazzling array of carefully crafted handmade goods. Think artisan trinkets, gourmet food, and a lively, friendly atmosphere.

  • Queen Victoria Building - Shop in style surrounded by art galleries and trendy coffee spots in this luxuriously-designed building

Beautiful Beaches

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No visit to Sydney would be complete without visiting some of its gorgeous beaches! Melbourne has some incredible beaches, but we think Sydney just about wins this round.

  • Bondi Beach is arguably Australia's most famous beach, and no visit to Oz is complete without stopping by! 

  • Coogee Bay - Think family-friendly sunshine surrounded by parklands and historic buildings. 

  • Manly Beach - This is a huge hit with surfers, and it's where the first world surfing contest was held back in 1964. 

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