Sydney Penthouse Loft Cityscape

from $399 per night

The Loft Cityscape is one of the best Sydney penthouse suites in town when it comes to daring, spacious design and luxurious extra's.

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Sydney Penthouse Loft Eastside

from $379 per night

The Loft Eastside Sydney Penthouse suite is one of the premier penthouses in Sydney with a unique and modern design you will feel right at home.

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Two Bedroom Cityscape

from $339 per night

Upscale 60 square metres, two bedroom, two bathroom suite with stunning views of Surry Hills and a large wrap-around, 'L Shaped' balcony.

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Two Bedroom Eastside

from $319 per night

Upscale, 60 square metres, two bedrooms, two bathrooms suite with an open plan lounge.

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Two Bedroom Low floor Cityscape

from $309 per night

Upscale, spacious two bedrooms, two bathrooms suite.

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Two Bedroom Low floor Eastside

from $299 per night

Upscale, spacious, two bedrooms, two bathrooms suite, featuring an open plan lounge.

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Boutique Accommodation Surry Hills

ADGE Apartments provides unique experiences with compelling designs and customer service that is second to none. From the vibrant decorations to the graffiti wall art ADGE Apartments is the definition of the boutique. 

You can count on our friendly staff to ensure your Surry Hills stay is as good as it gets. Whether it’s room service that goes the extra mile or local advice on getting the most from your stay in Surry Hills and Sydney, we have you covered.

Each of our boutique apartments in Surry Hills is a unique reflection of the local area and the atmosphere of Sydney’s sophisticated luxury lifestyle.

There is a range of boutique apartments available at ADGE Apartments depending on your travel requirements. Be sure to explore the available rooms to see which is going to best suit your next stay. If you have any questions be sure to get in touch with one of our friendly staff.

Services Available

ADGE Apartments offers everything you might want to enjoy your time in Sydney. These include:

  • Free WIFI
  • Housekeeping Service at surcharge
  • Eloura range of bath and body amenities
  • Ziggy’s Room Service “In-Room Hair Styling”

Surry Hills Penthouse Accommodation

ADGE Apartments offers some of the best penthouse apartments in Sydney. Each of our apartments has a luxury and sophisticated feel with open-plan lounges, kitchen facilities and stunning views looking out across the city.

ADGE Apartments penthouse apartments are perfect for travellers with a need for privacy, comfort and luxury. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly staff who can assist you right away. Check out our range of Penthouse Lofts for your next Sydney stay.